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ℹ️ How much do TalentLayer IDs cost?

CharactersPrice (Matic)

Standard TalentLayer IDs are between 5 and 20 characters long - they are available for minting for 1 MATIC.

Specialty TalentLayer IDs are between 1 and 4 characters long - these are available for purchase at the price rates below. Proceeds from TalentLayer ID sales go to fund TalentLayer’s open-source development.

ℹ️ Can I trade TalentLayer IDs?

TalentLayer ID’s are Activity Bound NFTs - they are transferable until they are used to make any activity on TalentLayer. Activities include creating a job post, submitting a proposal, and other actions. Once a TalentLayer ID becomes active, they become soul-bound and can not be transferred.

Meet TalentLayer

🌎 How The Future of Work Works

TalentLayer is a low-level reputation, data, and transaction layer backing the work platforms of the future. TalentLayer's network and developer toolkit are enabling work marketplaces to go to market faster than ever and serve a shared network of users.

🌐 open access

👨🏾 own your data

⭐ control your reputation

The Open Network Layer for Work

⭐ One Reputation That Follows You

Your work history and reviews are stored on-chain at the network level. When you grow your reputation, it's visible to hirers across integrated platforms. Your reputation is owned by you, forever - backed by the blockchain.

What is a TalentLayer ID?
TalentLayer IDs are soul-bound NFTs that represent your on-chain work history. Every ID has a unique handle and is searchable on platforms in the network. As you complete jobs, reviews that are left for you by hirers are associated with your handle. TalentLayer IDs don't live in a silo - they're designed to be composable with any other forms of identity.

👩🏽 One Profile, Many Platforms

When you create your TalentLayer ID, your profile is automatically indexed and searchable on any work platform in the network - that means more work comes to you when you need it. Entrepreneurs from around the world are building platforms on TalentLayer; here are some of the first ones to go live.


The Internet of Jobs


Work X is a 0-marginal-cost decentralized platform economy, designed to match job-seekers and freelancer with their perfect employer. Work X is powered by a utility token & governed by a DAO.

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The Code Auditing Marketplace


The freelance and bounty marketplace for smart contract and code auditors. Import your reputation from CodeArena and other platforms.

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The Decentralized Work Exchange


The trading platform for web 3 workers and hirers to exchange gigs.
Every job completed sends DEX fees to charities.

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The Community-Owned Work Platform


A community-owned freelance platform for design and engineering professionals, powered by the DeLa token.

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❤️ A Fully Open-Source Protocol

Our open-source development is proudly funded by protocols & frens that belive the future of work is accessible, open, & uncensorable.


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